Tuesday, September 21, 2010

La Boheme - O Mimi tu più non torni

At the beginning of the wonderful Act IV, Marcello and Rodolfo are pretending to work, though they are primarily bemoaning the loss of their respective loves, Musetta and Mimi.
This is not the most famous aria of the Boheme opera but for sure it is one of my favourites.

The idea of the loved woman is filling up the heart and the mind of the two bohemiens. Reading what Giacomo Puccini ask them to sing is simply amazing. Pure poetry together with a music that will make your heart shuddering. (English version below, in red the parts I love more)

O Mimì, tu più non torni. 
O giorni belli, 
Piccole mani, odorosi capelli, 
Collo di neve! Ah! Mimi, 
Mia breve gioventù.

Io non so come sia 
Che il mio pennello lavori 
E impasti colori contro voglia mia. 
Se pingere mi piace 
O cieli o terre 
O inverni o primavere, 
Egli mi traccia due pupille nere 
E una bocca procace, 
E n'esce di Musetta il viso ancor...

E tu, cuffietta lieve, 
Che sotto il guancial partendo 
Ascose, tutta sai 
La nostra felicità, 
Vien sul mio cor, 
Su mio cor morto, 
Poichè è morto amor.

E n'esce di Musetta il viso 
Tutto vezzi e tutto frode. 
Musetta intanto gode 
E il mio cuor vile 
La chiama ed aspetta.

Rodolfo: O Mimi, you won't return! O lovely days! Those tiny hands, those sweet-smelling locks, that snowy neck! Ah! Mimi! My short-lived youth.
Marcello: I don't understand how my brush works and mixes colours to spite me. Whether I want to paint earth or sky, spring or winter, the brush outlines two dark eyes and inviting lips, and Musetta's face comes out...
Rodolfo: And you, little pink bonnet, that she hid under the pilow as she left, you know all of our joy. Come to my heart, my heart that's dead with our dead love.
Marcello: Her face comes forward then, so lovely and so false. Meanwhile Musetta is happy and my cowardly heart calls her, and waits for her.


Anna Sergi said...

They are planning La Boheme in the Royal Opera House here in London in winter this year! *_*

Noodles Homewood said...

Oh really? That might be a good reason to visit London then!!! :-) When?
I was playing this aria this morning as well while driving to the office! Simply great. Luciano is always the best.

Anna Sergi said...

I know for sure the English Opera House is performing it in October November, then other places January, February!

Noodles Homewood said...

Do you mean this one?

Today I am having a very tough day here. I have listened again this aria and it even moved me!! You might thing it is stupid but this piece of Opera is really important to me.

When I have seen that there is the Boheme in London I seriously tought I could buy tickets and attend. Maybe at this point of my life I can discover an unknown part of that city. But the clips on the website are in English!!! Are they singing La Boheme in English?
If so this is almost... disgusting!


Anna Sergi said...

no of course not!!!
but why in London, after all, Opera should be best seen in Milan, right?!?

Noodles Homewood said...

Yep. You are right.
But when I wrote the message I wanted to escape and it was nice to think to fly to London...

Elisir d'amore is arriving at La Scala!

Anna Sergi said...

I will be in Milan in two weeks just for a night...not really looking forward to see Milan again...London is the perfect place to escape:)

Noodles Homewood said...

When are you there?
Check out this:


Noodles Homewood said...

If you are in doubt...


One of my favourite parts! Sorry I know I am a pain! eheh

Anna Sergi said...

NA you are not! It's stimulating this blog exchange!! :) I'll be there on the 8th :( I just hate Milan!

Noodles Homewood said...

No shows on the 8th I am afraid. At least not at La Scala.
What do you have against Milan? We have the fog, the traffic, the risotto!
What do you have to do here? I mean, I would not go to London unless I have a good reason! ^_^

Anna Sergi said...

ehehe no way comparing London and Milan.
But in Milan I have some of my dearest friends :)
and I am going to stay there a night before going to my parents' place in Calabria! :)

Anonymous said...

Just lovely. Love Puccini. Thank you.

j olson said...

Singing this duet un a few minutes. Just checking the words before act4. Ij san diego. Feb 13 2015

Timo Haapanen said...

This is not an aria, but a duet. One of the three most famous duets in the opera world :) Guess which are the others? :)